Energy Authority

Energy Authority regulates and promotes operation of the electricity and gas markets, emission reductions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.


National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2023 published

The Energy Authority has published the national report on the operation and oversight of the electricity and natural gas markets in Finland in 2023. In the report, you will find key figures of the Finnish energy markets and a summary of the impact of the Energy Authority's activities.

Press release 11.7.2024
Solar power production capacity rose to 1,000 megawatts

At the end of 2023, Finland's installed solar power production capacity was approximately 1,000 MW, most of which was micro-generation. The total capacity increased by more than 300 MW over the year.

Press release 17.6.2024
Decision of the Supreme Administrative Court: Cross-subsidisation is in violation of unbundling regulation also in corporate restructuring

The decision issued 28 March 2024 by the Supreme Administrative Court repeals the Market Court's decision on the unbundling of Gasum’s business operations and the prohibition of cross-subvention in accordance with the requirements of the Energy Authority. The decisions of the Energy Authority will enter into force and the decision concerning penalty fee requested by the Agency will be returned to the Market Court for renewed consideration.

Press release 28.3.2024
Fingrid did not breach its connection and transmission obligation or the obligation to develop the grid when OL3 was connected to the grid

According to the Energy Authority’s view, the grid operator Fingrid Oyj did not breach its connection, transmission and development obligations when the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant unit was connected to the electrical grid. 

Press release 12.1.2024
The Energy Authority to launch an investigation on an incorrect tender submitted to the power exchange on 23 November 2023

The Energy Authority will launch an investigation on the incorrect tender submitted to the power exchange in the Finnish bidding zone on Thursday 23 November 2023 and its effects on the functioning of the market and on different market participants. As the authority supervising the operation of the power exchange, the Energy Authority will investigate whether the regulation of the power exchange may have been violated in the case and how similar situations can be prevented in the future. The Agency shall investigate the matter in cooperation with regulatory authorities in other countries.

Press release 24.11.2023
National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2022

The Energy Authority has prepared enclosed national report on the state of the Finnish electricity and natural gas markets in 2022.

Press release 13.7.2023
​​Consultation on amending terms and conditions of​ Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy

The Finnish Energy Authority (Energiavirasto) will carry out a consultation on application to amend the terms and conditions made by Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy for Energy Authority on 14.3.2023. The consultation is open from 16th March until 30th March 2023.

Press release 16.3.2023
Consultation on discounts, multipliers and seasonal factors in gas transmission

In accordance with Article 28 of Commission Regulation the Energy Authority carries out a consultation. The consultation is open from 11th November until 25th November 2022.

Press release 11.11.2022
Consultation on gas market Terms and Conditions of Balancing 

The Energy Authority reserves the opportunity for those interested in the matter to present their views on the Terms and Conditions of Balancing proposed by the transmission system operator. Statements must be submitted to the Energy Authority no later than 23 November 2022.

Press release 9.11.2022
European energy regulators: Energy exports between EU countries should not be restricted

It is very important that EU Member States continue exporting electricity and gas to neighbouring countries in order to secure sufficient supply of energy during the coming winter. This is highlighted in a press release of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). ACER emphasises that an integrated energy market supports the sufficient supply of energy in all Member States and lowers the peak prices of gas and electricity.

Press release 26.10.2022