Regional energy councelling 

Regional energy councelling increases awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy

The target groups of regional energy councelling are consumers, municipalities and SMEs. An energy advisor provides unbiased information about the means available to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Regional energy councelling brings the energy advisor closer to the target groups in all provinces. The energy advice service is one way of promoting emission reductions: the energy advisor assist the consumer, municipality or SME in taking one step towards increased energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

Energy councelling is provided through a variety of advice and communication channels, such as personal advice, seminars, meetings and campaigns. The parties providing energy advice use materials designed to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, which have been prepared by Motiva Oy with funding provided by the Energy Authority. Energy councelling aims at making consumers, SMEs and municipalities interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy with the help of good examples and operating methods.

Energy surveys and energy efficiency agreements boost emission reductions 

Another goal with the regional energy councelling service is for the energy advisors to promote energy surveys in municipalities and SMEs, and thus to assist in the execution of energy efficiency agreements. Energy surveys and energy efficiency agreements are voluntary means selected by the state of Finland for the execution of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Energy councelling does not include any information on any specific devices to be selected or any detailed design or consulting services. 

The Energy Authority has funded and coordinated regional energy councelling since 2018.