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Where can I get help in problem situations?

You may contact Consumer Advisory Services in cases of

  • disagreements concerning bills and disconnection of service
  • the right to change the contract or the price 
  • disputes about compensation for damage or penalty fees
  • termination of a contract or cancellation of an order
  • margin requirements
  • differences over the content or interpretation of a contract
  • confusion related to the establishment of a contract via telemarketing, for example
  • disputes over billing or collection and the disconnection of service
  • other individual disagreements between the customer and the company

Consumer Advisory Services give advice on the rights of a customer in individual disputes and help in mediation so that the matter can be resolved with the company. Consumer Advisory Services refer the customer to the Consumer Disputes Board, which makes a recommendation for a solution to the dispute.

Consumer Advisory Services

You may contact the Consumer Ombudsman in matters concerning

  • the legality and reasonableness of the terms of a contract
  • the legality of debt collection
  • deceptive or untruthful marketing of an electricity product
  • procedures in customer relations
  • other violations of consumer protection contained in the Electricity Market Act or violations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Consumer Ombudsman 

You may get in touch with the Energy Authority in questions of

  • billing methods for payments charged and the frequency of billing
  • inadequacies of minimum information on the electricity bill
  • available payment methods
  • providing minimum required information on billing before a contract is made
  • sending notification of price changes
  • sending payment reminders and warnings of termination of service before the disconnection of electricity
  • other violations of obligations under the Electricity Market Act 

Energy Authority contact information: [email protected].

You may contact Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, if 

  • your monetary assets are not sufficient for paying your electricity bill. Inform your electricity provider and electric network service as well.


Electricity providers are required to follow the Electricity Market Act and the Consumer Protection Act in their activities.

The Energy Authority monitors electricity providers to make sure that they follow their obligations under the Electricity Market Act, such as the sending of notification of price changes, for example. The Consumer Ombudsman promotes the implementation of customer rights by making sure that electricity providers comply with the Consumer Protection Act and the Electricity Market Act, to the extent that these apply to them. However, neither of these authorities handle individual contractual disputes between parties or give advice on such disputes.

Consumer Advisory Services may be contacted in individual contract disputes between a company and a customer.

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