Promotion of the use of renewable energy is part of the energy and climate policy that aims for sustainable energy production and consumption to curb climate change. In Finland, the Energy Authority is responsible for the implementation of the EU renewable energy policy and the national renewable energy policy. 

The Energy Authority governs the feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy subsidies, arranges auctions for renewable energy subsidies and transport infrastructure projects, as well as collects wind power charges. Furthermore, the Energy Authority oversees compliance with the sustainability of biofuels and fuel quality, the guarantee-of-origin system for renewable electricity and educational establishments for mechanics involved in the installation of renewable energy systems. The Energy Authority also provides energy advice for consumers, municipalities and enterprises, as well as carries out impact assessments on renewable energy policy actions and prepares related reports and statistics.



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Support for seven projects awarded through auction - the average price of accepted tenders EUR 2.5 per MWh

The Energy Authority has made decisions regarding tenders submitted to the technology-neutral auction for operating aid. All 26 tenders submitted involved wind power production. Feed-in premium was granted to seven projects and 19 were turned down. The projects were accepted in order of cost competitiveness. All accepted projects met the criteria specified for participation in the auction.