Emissions trading registry

The emissions trading registry takes care of the recording, possession, transfer, cancellation, deletion and retirement of EU emission allowances and Kyoto Protocol units. The emissions trading registry in the European Union is the Union Registry, which is common to all the member states.

The Union Registry consists of sections for the different member states, each of which have their own national administrator. The Energy Authority is the national administrator of the Finnish section. The tasks of the national administrator include performing administrative tasks related to the opening of accounts and the changing of representatives, monitoring emissions trading obligations, allocating allowances, providing on-call service related to fraudulent transfers, as well as providing advice and handling communication about the registry.

All operators included in the scope of the emissions trading scheme must have an operator holding account for all installations with an emission permit. In addition, all airline and shipping companies included in the scope of the emissions trading scheme must have their own aircraft operator holding account or maritime operator holding account in the Union Registry. Emission verifiers must also have their own accounts. In addition to these, the Union Registry includes a range of voluntary accounts for trading. With specific limitations, accounts can be opened also for organisations and private persons not included in the scope of the emissions trading scheme.

Administration of holding accounts