Reimbursement for electricity costs and other forms of central government assistance

The central government supports households in the exceptional situation caused by the energy crisis. There are several different forms of support, including:

  • Reimbursement for electricity costs
  • Tax credit for electricity
  • Assistance with electricity costs.

The Energy Authority supervises that electricity companies pay their customers reimbursement for electricity costs in accordance with the law. The Energy Authority does not process issues related to other forms of assistance.

Reimbursement for electricity costs

The price of electricity rose rapidly in the second half of last year. The Government aims to support consumers with its legislative proposal on the retroactive reimbursement for electricity costs as the high electricity prices have put some Finns into a challenging financial situation.

Under the act consumers are entitled to a retroactive reimbursement for electricity costs provided that they meet certain conditions. In practice, the electricity company will automatically reimburse the amount specified in the Act in the customer’s electricity bill. Consumers do not have to actively apply for this reimbursement with the exception of certain exceptional situations. In addition, electricity companies have to grant consumers and undertakings extended payment periods of electricity bills upon request.

The acts on the temporary retroactive reimbursement for electricity costs, the extension to the payment period of electricity bills and the temporary support to secure the liquidity of electricity companies and other related legislation entered into force on 6 March 2023.

Below, we have compiled a list of the most common questions related to the reimbursement for electricity costs.

Other forms of assistance