Energy Authority

Energy Authority regulates and promotes operation of the electricity and gas markets, emission reductions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.


National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2021

The Energy Authority has prepared enclosed report on the state of the Finnish electricity and natural gas markets in 2021.

Press release 11.7.2022
Emissions in Finland’s emissions trading sector increased by 0.7 million tonnes in 2021

Total emissions of Finnish installations within the scope of the EU’s emissions trading system were 20.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2021. Emissions increased by 3.8 per cent from 2020.

Press release 1.4.2022
Preparing for disruptions in the electricity grid and natural gas network through emergency planning

Electricity grid and natural gas network companies maintain emergency plans to prepare for disturbances, rationing measures required by disturbances, and exceptional conditions referred to in the Emergency Powers Act. Electric grid companies must update their emergency plans by the end of June 2022.

Press release 10.3.2022
Household electricity bills rose by a quarter in 2021 - sharpest change was for users of electric heating

The full price paid for household electricity grew by 25.1 percent in 2021, while the cost for homes heated by electricity increased by 35.3 percent. Electric energy rose sharply in price, but distribution rates showed a slight decline last year.  

Press release 20.1.2022
Electricity is expected to be sufficient in Finland during the cold winter months - long periods of sub-zero temperatures may restrict the importation of electricity from neighbouring countries

The Energy Authority is expecting Finland’s production capacity and importation of electricity from neighbouring countries to meet the demand for electricity this winter. However, the capacity situation in Central Sweden is worsening, and simultaneous peak consumption in neighbouring countries could affect the availability of imported electricity. Reserve power plants are ready to operate if the production and consumption of electricity are not balanced in market conditions.

Press release 3.12.2021
Energia 247 stops supplying electricity - The Energy Authority urges customers to get a new electricity provider without delay

Energia 247 Oy will cease supplying electricity to its customers as of 4 December 2021 due to financial difficulties. The supply of electricity is not interrupted, but customers must enter into a new electricity contract with a new provider without delay.

Press release 2.12.2021
Energy Authority disagrees with the Swedish transmission system operator’s request for a derogation with respect to the allocation of transmission capacities

The Energy Authority is of the opinion that the Swedish transmission system operator has no grounds for the proposed derogation regarding the allocation of transmission capacity at the Finnish-Swedish bidding zone border in 2022.

Press release 12.11.2021
Consultation in accordance with Article 28 of Tariff Network code

In accordance with Article 28 of Commission Regulation on establishing a network code on harmonized transmission tariffs structures for gas (Tariff Network Code) the Energy Authority carries out a consultation with the national regulatory authorities of all directly connected Member States and the relevant stakeholders. The consultation is open from 12th October until 5th November 2021.

Press release 13.10.2021
National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2020

The Energy Authority prepares annually a national report to the Agency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and to the European Commission on the state of the Finnish electricity and natural gas markets in 2020.

Press release 12.7.2021
Solar electricity production capacity grew by 45% in 2020 - nearly 300 megawatts in small-scale production

The small-scale production of solar electricity has been growing quickly in recent years. Installed capacity has increased more than tenfold since 2016. At the end of 2020, approximately 293 megawatts of solar electricity production capacity was connected to the electricity network. According to preliminary data, the capacity grew by 91 megawatts that year.

Press release 17.6.2021