Energy Authority

Energy Authority regulates and promotes operation of the electricity and gas markets, emission reductions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.


Consultation on Gasgrid Finland’s proposal to change the existing balancing rules

The Finnish Energy Authority has received a proposal from the TSO in respect of the new balancing rules. With this consultation, the Energy Authority provides the opportunity for all network users to express their views on the new balancing rules until 23 June 2020.

Press release 2.6.2020
Consultation in accordance with Article 28 of Tariff Network code

In accordance with Article 28 of Commission Regulation on establishing a network code on harmonized transmission tariffs structures for gas (Tariff Network Code) the Energy Authority carries out a consultation with the national regulatory authorities of all directly connected Member States and the relevant stakeholders.

Press release 1.4.2020
Datahub Go-Live date to be postponed to 2022

The Go-Live of Datahub, a centralised information exchange service for electricity trade, will be postponed to early 2022. The initial target Go-Live schedule was April 2021. Postponing the Go-Live date became topical when it emerged that some retailers and distribution system operators would be unable to meet the current Go-Live schedule of Datahub. Datahub requires a simultaneous Go-Live from all market operators.

Press release 25.9.2019
Finnish TSOs performed well in the Pan-European cost-efficiency benchmarking

The network operations of Fingrid Oyj and Gasum Oy are cost-effective, shows new benchmarking results.

Press release 9.9.2019
National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2018

The Energy Authority prepares annually a national report to the Agency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and to the European Commission on the state of the Finnish electricity and natural gas markets in 2018.

Press release 11.7.2019
Support for seven projects awarded through auction - the average price of accepted tenders EUR 2.5 per MWh

The Energy Authority has made decisions regarding tenders submitted to the technology-neutral auction for operating aid. All 26 tenders submitted involved wind power production. Feed-in premium was granted to seven projects and 19 were turned down. The projects were accepted in order of cost competitiveness. All accepted projects met the criteria specified for participation in the auction.

Press release 27.3.2019
Stakeholder consultation on the terms and conditions for provision of gas transmission services

The Energy Authority has published a proposal from the Finnish transmission system operator Gasum Oy regarding the terms and conditions for provision of gas transmission services.

Press release 22.3.2019
Consultation on capacity allocation mechanism at the Imatra Cross-Border Interconnection Point as of January 1, 2020

The Energy Authority has received from Gasum Ltd a proposal for the capacity allocation mechanism, as per attached document. Before making the final decision, the Energy Authority must give the opportunity to the stakeholders to express their views about the proposed capacity allocation mechanism.

Press release 12.3.2019
Stakeholder consultation on the allocation of network capacity at the Balticconnector interconnection point during 1.1.2020-31.12.2021

The relevant transmission system operators (‘TSOs'), Gasum Oy and Elering AS are currently designing the capacity allocation method at the Balticconnector interconnection point to be applied during 1.1.2020-31.12.2021.

Press release 12.3.2019
Presentations from the 8th Baltic Gas Market Forum

8th BALTIC GAS MARKET FORUM in Finland 15 November 2018, Helsinki

Press release 16.11.2018