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Instructions for Fi-Nergy Voima and 365 Hankinta’s customers

Publication date 11.6.2021 15.37 | Published in English on 16.6.2021 at 13.11
Press release

Electricity supply to customers of Fi-Nergy Voima Oy, Fi-Nergy Voima OÜ and 365 Hankinta Oy has been interrupted. This page contains instructions for customers who have an electricity contract with these companies.

The Energy Authority urges customers of these companies to enter without delay into a new electricity contract with a new electricity provider of their choice. If a customer does not enter into a new electricity contract, the electricity supply will be basically cut off.

The electrical grid company is obliged to notify the customer of any interruptions caused by the provider before the power supply is interrupted. In addition, the grid company must ensure that the consumer is supplied with electricity for at least three weeks after the notification has been sent.

I have received a notification from my grid company that my electricity supply will be terminated because I have an electricity contract with Fi-Nergy Voima Oy:n, Fi-nergy Voima OÜ:n or 365 Hankinta Oy. Will my electricity be cut off immediately?

No, it will not. The grid company must notify the customer of the interruption of electricity distribution and the reason for it before the interruption. The law imposes an obligation on the grid company to ensure the supply of electricity to consumers for at least three weeks after the grid company has sent a notification that the distribution of the interruption of electricity distribution.

The grid company has the right to shut off the customer's electricity in three weeks' time if the customer has not so far entered into a new electricity contract with an electricity provider and the supply of electricity under the new contract has not started by then. The responsibility of the grid company is therefore temporary.

What happens if I do nothing? Will I automatically become a customer of one of the electricity providers?

No, you will not. In order to continue the supply of electricity and avoid interruption, the customer must take their own measures.

The customer must enter into a new electricity contract with an electricity provider. Information on electricity offers from different electricity providers is available, for example, in the service maintained by the Energy Authority.

When must a new electricity contract be made?

A new electricity contract must be valid before three weeks have passed since the grid company has sent a notification of the upcoming interruption.  The new provider should be reserved at least 14 days to arrange electricity supply. Some providers may require an even longer period than that. The new contract must therefore be concluded no later than one week after the grid company has sent a notification of the upcoming interruption of electricity distribution.


  • On 14 June 2021, the network service sent the consumer notification of the interruption of distribution as of 5 July 2021. 
  • The customer must conclude a new electricity contract no later than 21 June 2021, so that the new provider can arrange for the electricity supply starting on 5 July 2021.

How is the three-week deadline calculated?

The deadline begins when the grid company sends a notification of the interruption to the customer. The crucial point is when the notification is sent, not when it is received.

I am a business customer. Does the three-week deadline apply to me?

The statutory obligation of the distribution system operator to supply electricity for three weeks applies only to consumer customers. The businesses comply with what has been agreed in the contract. For example, if the VPE 2019 standard terms and conditions recommended by the Finnish Energy organisation are applied to business-to-business contracts, the network service may not be interrupted until ten (10) days have elapsed since the notification of the interruption of the network service was sent. 

How much do I have to pay the grid company to supply me with electricity temporarily? Will the expiring contract with my electricity retailer affect the price?

The customer must compensate the grid company for the reasonable costs incurred in supplying electricity. The customer is not entitled to receive electricity from the grid company under the same conditions as agreed with the retailer. For example, the price of electricity may differ from that agreed with the retailer. Ultimately, if the customer and the grid company do not agree on compensation, the Energy Authority will determine the amount of compensation.

I want to complain and claim compensation from my electricity retailer. For example, I paid for electricity in advance. What do I do?

In case of complaints and contractual claims, proceed as with any claim against any company. It is recommended that you first contact the retailer and make a claim directly to the company. If you cannot reach a satisfactory solution with the company, consumers can be advised and instructed by the Consumer Advisory Services (tel. +358 29 505 3050). If necessary, Consumer Advisory Services will advise the consumer on submitting a complaint to the Consumer Disputes Board. Binding decisions on claims may be made by a competent district court.

I have a fixed-term contract with my retailer. Will I have to pay a contractual penalty when I enter into a contract with a new provider?

The Energy Authority has no competence to examine requirements based on an individual contractual relationship. The Energy Authority cannot thus decide whether there are grounds for cancelling the contract or whether the retailer is entitled to charge a contractual penalty. Any contractual disputes are dealt with by a district court as a last resort. In this respect, the Energy Authority oversees primarily the activities of grid companies, so that consumers' electricity supply is not interrupted unexpectedly.

Further information:

  • Antti Paananen, Deputy Director General, tel. +358 29 5050 013 
  • Anu Värilä, Leading Expert, tel. +358 29 5050 112
  • Jani Kostiainen, Legal Adviser, tel. +358 29 5050 113
  • Sari Broman, Legal Adviser, tel. +358 29 5050 039
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