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European energy regulators: Energy exports between EU countries should not be restricted

Publication date 26.10.2022 11.43 | Published in English on 31.10.2022 at 10.35
Press release

It is very important that EU Member States continue exporting electricity and gas to neighbouring countries in order to secure sufficient supply of energy during the coming winter. This is highlighted in a press release of the European Union Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER). ACER emphasises that an integrated energy market supports the sufficient supply of energy in all Member States and lowers the peak prices of gas and electricity.

ACER warns Member States not to restrict energy exports to neighbouring countries. According to the agency, the coming months will be particularly critical to the functioning of the EU energy market: Pursuing short-term national interests by restricting exports of electricity or gas can cause intermittent energy shortages and even higher energy prices.

ACER notes that ensuring the functions of the integrated energy market is particularly important during the current crisis, as it is the only way to support price stability and security of energy supply across the EU. Full use of the cross-border trade capacities between Member States is essential for the functioning of the energy market and for curbing the energy crisis. This also applies to countries that are currently net exporters of energy.

In particular, ACER calls on Member States, network operators and national authorities to follow the EU market rules by ensuring that at least 70% of electricity interconnection capacity is made available for trade with neighbouring countries and that available interconnection capacity for gas flows is maximised. Concerted action is the best way to overcome the difficulties in energy supply during the coming winter. 

- These are difficult times, as both the proper functioning of the market and the unity of the EU are being tested. Although some countries have had reckless proposals for restricting energy exports in order to pursue national interests, I am confident that the Member States will show solidarity to each other even in difficult situations. We at the Energy Authority support ACER’s perspectives, and have been strongly promoting them, Director General Simo Nurmi says.

Further information

  • Director General Simo Nurmi, tel. +358 29 5050 011
  • Antti Paananen, Deputy Director General, tel. +358 29 5050 013

       Email: [email protected]

ACER calls for European solidarity over the coming winter to keep electricity and gas flowing across EU Member State borders 


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