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Presentations from the 8th Baltic Gas Market Forum

Publication date 16.11.2018 16.51
Press release

8th BALTIC GAS MARKET FORUM in Finland 15 November 2018, Helsinki


Opening remarks
Simo Nurmi, Finnish Energy Authority

Natural Gas Infrastructure Development in the Baltic and CEE Region
Agnieszka Ozga, GAZ-SYSTEM

Construction of Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL)
Agnieszka Ozga, GAZ-SYSTEM and Vytautas Ruolia, Amber Grid               

Herkko Plit, Baltic Connector and Priit Heinla, Elering

European perspective on regional market integration
Dennis Hesseling, ACER

Future of the gas market in Europe
Bartek Gurba, European Commission, DG energy

LNG as maritime fuel
Kimmo Rahkamo, Gasum

Swedish experience; Sweden and Denmark market merger
Mattias Wesslau, Swedegas

Lessons to be learned from Belgium and Luxembourg market merger
Chris Cuijpers, Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation, Belgium

Electricity and natural gas market Event