National report on electricity and natural gas markets in 2018

11.7.2019 17.06 | Published in English on 11.7.2019 at 17.19
Press release

The Energy Authority prepares annually a national report to the Agency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and to the European Commission on the state of the Finnish electricity and natural gas markets in 2018.

In addition to an overall information on electricity and gas markets in Finland, the report covers the steps the Energy Authority has taken and the results obtained as regards tasks set for national regulatory authorities in above mentioned directives. It contains also a description of the powers and tasks of the regulatory authority, an overview of the regulation and performance of electricity and natural gas sectors and an update of security of supply with regard to both gas and electricity.

Further information: Markus Nora, tel. +358 29 5050 046 and Antti Paananen, tel. +358 29 5050 013

National Report on elecricity and gas markets in Finland 2018 (pdf)

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